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TUSC Announces Competitive Coaching Assignments for the 2017-2018 Year

TUSC is excited to announce its coaching assignments for the competitive and academy programs for the 2017-2018 soccer year. Please note that all projections and assignments are tentative and can be subject to change.

Boys Girls
Team Coach Team Coach
08/09 Fire Academy Will Green 08/09 Blaze Academy Aaron Beard
08/09 Fire Academy Jason Isley 08/09 Blaze Academy Clay Green
08/09 Fire Academy Luke Searcy 08/09 Blaze Academy Tom Bridgewater
07 Fire Academy Daniel Shuey 07 Blaze Academy Jessica Skipper
07 Fire Academy Isaac Searcy 07 Blaze Academy Andy McMahon
Fire 06 White TBD Blaze 06 White Ray Delfin
Fire 06 Red Victor Sambade Blaze 06 Red JD Corley
Fire 05 Derek Rios Blaze 05 JD Corley
Fire 04 Derek Rios Blaze 04 Daniel Shuey
Fire 03 Joel Wallace Blaze 03 White Justin Lasagna
Fire 01 Matt Collins Blaze 03 Red Jeremy McLane
Fire 99/00 Clay Green Blaze 02 David Palmore
    Blaze 99/00 Matt Collins