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Coach of the Month



Coach Andy McMahon is our Coach of the Month for November. 

Coach Andy’s contribution to the developmental progress of our Academy girls is evidence of his ability to coach, mentor, and lead. Andy is fantastic at maximizing field time so that his players remain engaged for the entire duration of his sessions. Watch his group train and you’ll see active, positive, hardworking little girls. He has developed an embracing environment where all the girls sincerely like each other, help one another, and do everything they can to support the group in attaining success.

We all thank you for your dedication to TUSC Andy!



Coach Nicholas Mulligan is our Coach of the Month for October. 

Coach Mulligan is more than a teacher of the game for his teams.  Nicholas has always committed to being a rec coach for multiple groups at Trussville United each season.  Not only is he a teacher of the game but Nicholas is great at developing character in his young ladies.  He leads by example on game day demonstrating the utmost respect for the officials and opposition.  Win or lose, his teams demonstrate the prime example of positive character that can be developed through youth sports.

Coach Mulligan goes above and beyond.  Instilling a love for the game through extra-curricular activities is important to him.  It is not uncommon for him to chaperone his groups to a professional soccer match in Atlanta.  His girls have experienced professionalism on and off the field with Coach Mulligan and because of that he is our most requested coach in the entire club.

Our club has challenged Coach Mulligan tremendously this season.  He has his rosters maxed out and still does an excellent job at managing playing time for all our recreational soccer participants.  We do our best to satisfy all rec player’s requests and getting them wall with Coach Mulligan is not an easy task.  After a season with coach, the sisterhood he develops among the girls is an experience the membership is thankful for an hopes to experience time and time again.  He has balanced winning and enjoyment very well this season fostering a positive soccer experience for all his teams.

We thank you for your dedication to TUSC, Coach Mulligan!



Coach Isley is our September Coach of the Month.

Jason Isley is one of the Fire 08/09 Academy coaches, the Boys Lead-Coach in Academy, and the Fire 04 coach for Trussville United SC. He holds a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) D and a National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Goalkeeping Level I & II License.

Isley dedicates a lot of his extra time to motivate his players to grow and succeed. He is organized, respectful and always makes sure the players enjoy themselves. A great student of the game himself, Jason is always implementing what he’s learned through his teachings. His implementation helps foster great students of the game.

We all thank you for your dedication to TUSC, Isley!

TUSC Membership, if you would like to nominate your coach, please email Derek Rios, Director of Coaching, at dmrios10@outlook.com with your words of recommendation. We have fantastic coaches in all our programs, including Junior, Intramural, and Rec. We want to hear about them!


Coach Valverde is our August Coach of the Month.

David Valverde is the Fire 07 Red competitive coach for Trussville United SC. Even with his strenuous schedule, he will always find time to be there for the players in our club. Coach has held team parties to boast team bonding. He has also filled in for staff during the Liberty Cup Boy’s weekend.

“I just want to sing the praises of David. We have had several training sessions and scrimmaged today and can see that he is going to be really special. He has really connected with the kids, has a high energy level, offers constant encouragement/correction (instead of telling them they are doing things wrong). I hope we can keep him at our club for a long time. Great job getting him at TUSC!”
– Trussville United SC Member

“I really like this coach this morning! David V- doing an awesome job!!! Took full control of warm ups, has coached them the entire first half and boys are responding well!!! He is one to keep!!!”
– Trussville United SC Member

Valverde balances coaching and friendship very well with his players, wanting nothing but the best for his players to succeed and have fun on and off the field.

We all thank you for your dedication to TUSC, Valverde!